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I am So Back, Baby

Way back when I first started shooting boudoir, I had 0 people who would allow me to share their photos. At that time I had just started on my own journey to loving and appreciating myself, and one of the things that helped me tremendously was getting in front of my own lens.

In college I did a ton of self portraits (both drawings and photos), but it was during such a dark time in my life. A time where looking at myself didn’t feel glorious. It felt horrible. It felt dark. And it felt sad.

One day, though, as I was working through some tough times, I caught a glimpse of some bright, gorgeous light shining in through a window in my childhood home. I don’t know what made me do it, but I stripped down, set up the self timer on my camera, and snapped a self portrait. It was a photo that changed my life. For the first time I truly saw myself - I saw joy, femininity, love. I saw myself. It was magical.

Ever since that moment, I knew first hand how powerful boudoir is, and I shared that photo everywhere - despite being terrified of people judging me, making fun of me, ect.. Some people did make fun of me a bit (and honestly probably still do), but I didn’t see that crap…what I saw was 100s of people THANKING ME for sharing because it helped them see themselves a little bit as well. That was back when I was 21 years old. 8 years ago.

To this day I still use self-portraits as a way to come home to myself. I have thousands of photos of myself (some self portraits, some taken by other photographers) and I am so grateful for each and every one, not only because they’ll all be here for my family to giggle at and enjoy for generations, but also because they ground me. They remind me who I am. They bring be back to certain moments (like the hundreds of self portraits I took when my husband and I started dating…you can SEE THE GLOW of my happiness and I love it). Photos are so important. Boudoir photos are important.

It’s such a powerful experience - one that I’m honored to be able to facilitate for so many people, and for myself as well.

These photos are my most recent self portraits and ugh! I am happy to capture this transformative time in my life. My body is growing. My hair is growing. My SOUL IS GROWING! I feel so loved by myself and that is such a gift.

Ready to do this for yourself? Good. Let’s go.

Cheyenne Gil