Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer | The New Cheyenne Gil Studios


Well well well. It’s finally time.

Welcome to the new Cheyenne Gil Studios, friends.

Our rebrand has been a long time coming. For those of you who follow along on Instagram you know that I (Cheyenne) wrestled for a while with the idea of closing up shop and moving on. For about 2.5 years I went back and forth and back and forth. I felt lost. Stuck. Confused. And most of all - burnt the fuck out. Then, about 6 months ago, I worked with Kate at Wanderwell on a 3 month strategy intensive. I went into that experience feeling totally cool with the possibility that I might want to close the business.

During our time together, I learned so much about myself, my business, and how I want to make it work for me instead of me working for it. It changed everything. I fell in love again. I buckled down, asked for help, hired said help, hired some more help, and now have a thriving, beautiful, delicious business that brings me (and us) so much joy joy joy!

Cheyenne Gil Photography was me. It was all me. Cheyenne Gil Studios is us, we. We are a team. What used to feel like a terrifying impossibility now feels like the most powerful move I’ve ever made.

And for that reason, I wanted a new visual brand to go along with it.

As soon as I saw Emily of Amavi Studio’s work, I knew. I knew this person was going to help me bring to life everything I knew our brand was: powerful, sexy, badass, safe. Working with Emily was easy and fun and EXCITING. I couldn’t believe how effortless it all was. And every single thing she delivered was magical and absolutely glorious.

Here’s what Emily has to say about our new logo:

The Cheyenne Gil Studios logo is centered around the idea of being bad ass, raw and taking the journey towards full acceptance. Pulling inspiration from your passion + the natural body, this concept embodies a sense of raw emotions, while establishing your studio as a safe place for all. It has been designed around celebrating all bodies, in all shapes and all sizes. Your audience will feel empowered while viewing your work, in your studio and when they receive their images. They have accepted this journey towards acceptance and your brand supports that to the max.

Check out our adorable lil tote bags!

We’re so in love.

I’ve always had a strong personal brand and voice…

…but this feels like the first time I’ve had a cohesive visual brand that truly embodies what we do here. We’re badass and earthy and solid and strong and soft and sensitive and safe and empowered. We heal and we celebrate. We honor you. And it’s our honor to do so.

Fuck yes. We are so happy.

Ready to book your session? Good. Let’s do this.