Philadelphia Body Positive Boudoir Photographer | Fun and Free Boudoir Session


One thing I got over being scared of a long time ago: asking people if I can photograph them.

One day in 2016 I held a small gathering at my old studio space. There were only maybe 6 of us total, and there was one person in the room whose energy kept pulling me in. I couldn’t stop staring (awkward when there are only 6 people in the room), and I couldn’t help but smile when she smiled or laugh when she laughed.

Her name was Marianne.

At the end of the event as everyone was leaving, I pulled Marianne aside and asked her if she’d be open to having me photograph her. She was taken aback and confusingly said “uh, sure…?”. The next week she was in my studio in her underwear being photographed by me, a stranger. Her first boudoir session was amazing and that day our souls decided to connect and now I have a friend for life.

Since then, Mare has modeled for me countless times (these photos here are from my Boudoir + Badassery Workshop where she modeled for me and the workshop attendees), she supports everything I do, and she runs Sunday Supper at our studio, a monthly gathering of Black Womxn and Femmes in the Philadelphia area.

Ready to book your boudoir session? Good. Let’s do this.

Cheyenne Gil