Body Positive Boudoir Photographer | Kerrie in Manzanita, Oregon


Being Free and Naked On the Beach: #1 Favorite Thing of All Time

Back in May, Dana Falsetti and I cohosted our first retreat together. Ten amazing people joined us in Manzanita, OR for 3 full days of shooting, eating, running around naked, floating in a hot tub, and overall simply centering our own pleasure. It was epic. Truly epic.

This is Kerrie - this was her first ever boudoir session and she absolutely killed it. Here’s what she had to say about our retreat:

“ I’ve never been around this many like minded, body positive, sex positive people. It was transformational. If that was the only gift I took away from this week, it would totally have been worth the price of admission. However, I found myself, every night, making myself journal a list of things that had happened that day, things I had done and conversations I had, just so I could remember every single detail...the magic just kept coming. I had entered this unique place where I could suddenly feel comfortable to be exactly who I was without hiding anything away. I can’t believe I had been nervous of stepping outside of my comfort zone! 

Here’s a short, and in no way comprehensive, list of the things I experienced in the 5 days I spent in the bubble that Cheyenne and Dana had created for us:

Stayed in a gorgeous house right on the beach

Laughed until I cried

Smoked a lot of weed

Had a tarot reading

Cried - good, happy, healing tears

Went hiking

Released so much shame

Wore a bikini around other people

Watched a beautiful sunset every night 

Stargazed in a hot tub full of women


Ate a lot of super good homemade food and a mountain of snacks

Had photos taken by CHEYENNE GIL!!!!! Life changing - not hyperbole

Got naked on the beach in the sunlight

Had sex toy show and tell and kink Q&A

Felt brave and alive and free

Planted seeds that will bloom later

Sat in a hot tub talking for 3 hours and got very sunburned

Had interesting and stimulating conversations 

Watched women be photographed in their full power

Made chocolate chip cookies and served them to a group of badass women in a hot tub

Did yoga at sunset, while facing the ocean, led by DANA FALSETTI!!!!! This was so powerful. 

Bonded over bondage, watched women get tied up, got tied up myself, had a Polaroid taken by Dana 

Comforted and cared for each other

Forgot I was naked for whole minutes at a time

Let myself do whatever I felt like doing

Explored myself and my sexuality 

Made lifetime connections 

Had a lingerie taco dinner

Went to the beach in lingerie, and froze my tits off, but got to be in the best group photo of my life

Fell in love with myself

Fell in love with each of the women there

I had too many firsts to comprehend for one week. If you’re thinking of doing this, give yourself the gift of YES! You will not regret this experience.” 

Ready to book your boudoir session with us? Good. Let’s do this.

Cheyenne Gil