Body Positive Boudoir Photographer | In LA with Sam


Ah, Los Angeles.

The first time I decided to fly out to LA to shoot I was shocked (and honored) to hear that so many people were ready to book a boudoir session with me. I rented a gorgeous, bright, sunny airbnb in an incredible location. The sessions sold out immediately and I had 8 people come shoot and hang over 2 days. I met amazing womxn and femmes, shot some incredible photos, rolled around in a sunny, fluffy bed, and got to have my beautiful friend Becca hang with me and assist me throughout the few days I was there.

The second time I announced I was shooting in LA, I sold out even faster than the first time (seriously blows my freakin mind!!), and again - 8 amazing people came to hang with me. Sam was my very last shoot of the trip. She arrived at the door and greeted me with a giant hug, some Cuban pastries (omg), and a big beautiful smile so full of love and joy. Her energy was incredible - big and booming, and some how at the same time, calming, grounding, and comfortable. The only outfit she brought was a little thong, and we shot some of my favorite boudoir photos I’ve ever taken!

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