Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer | Lingerie Parties and Why They're the Best

Safe spaces are something we take really seriously here.

We love building community, holding space for people, and filing up this studio with so much love and magic. Our studio is a place where folx can come together and just be. Exist. Enjoy. And through that - heal.

One of our absolute most FUN and amazing gatherings are our themed Lingerie Parties. Every other month we gather at the studio in Kensington, strip down to our undies, take photos, eat pizza, dance, chit chat, and enjoy every second of it. The studio fills up with belly laughs. All the thunder thighs are thundering. The pork chops are popping. The jiggles are jiggling.

It’s glorious.

Truly glorious.

Plus, during the first hour of the party, we’ll have you in front of the lens for a 1 minute portrait sesh so you can get a lil taste for our boudoir experience. Afterward, you’ll be able to mingle with all the other badass folx in attendance, take phone photos on our decorated back drop, eat pizza, sit and hang and chit chat, dance, and connect. And who knows…maybe there’ll even be a giveaway or 2!

Nervous? No Worries.

Before our first lingerie party, we had a few people email in letting us know that they wanted to come but were feeling super nervous about being in their underwear in front of other folx. That is a totally valid and real thing and we absolutely understand that it may feel a little scary. Here’s the deal: first - you don’t have to wear lingerie at all! You can wear a t-shirt and sweats. You can wear a yoga pants and a hoodie. You can wear a big fluffy onesy. You can wear whatever the hell you want. Second - we’re all in the same boat. Sure, it’s easy for me to be in my underwear and I feel comfortable being in my undies around others (Cheyenne here!), but at the first lingerie party, I wore a see through top made by Siobhan Barrett and was nervous to have my nipples exposed. I was very, very nervous. But, I went for it and it felt amazing. Everyone at our parties are going out of their comfort zone, but the joy and the excitement and the healing happens because we’re doing this all together. I shared this with the few folx who emailed in, and guess what - they showed up. And they wore lingerie. And they had an amazing time. Like I said….glorious.

Not sure what to wear? No prob, bob.

We love handmade lingerie from badass makers like Siobhan Barrett and Just Babes Club. We also love Burgundy Fox (get 15% off your first purchase if you use CHEYENNEGILSTUDIOS), Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises, Tomboy X, and Bawdy Love Clothing. And don’t forget that Target, Torrid, and Lane Bryant all have great stuff as well!

I hope we see your ass (literally) at the next (Witchy) Lingerie Party!

Here are just a few of our 1 minute portraits from our Summer Floral Lingerie Party (florals by Vault + Vine)


Our next Lingerie Party is October 19th and guess what: It’s Witchy themed. Let’s do this.

Cheyenne Gil